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Glasgow hypnosis teacher gives you free script

“On The Count Of Six You Will Open Your Eyes…”

A 6 Part E-Course revealing the truth about Hypnosis


Jonathan Clark
Master Hypnotherapist
Founder & Developer of HGE™



The 4 A’s method contains the four essential elements of any good self - hypnosis session.  It is made up of the following stages:

Autorelaxation stage – the first step is to induce in oneself a calm, relaxed and receptive self-hypnotic state.  This is easiest to achieve in a quiet, possibly darkened room, with some light relaxation music, creating a safe and conducive atmosphere.  The client should lie back, relax and release all stresses and tensions, mentally and physically, until they are in relaxed state.

Autosuggestion stage – the client then practices suggestibility tests, suggesting to themselves that their eyes want to close, their throat wants to swallow, or their hand wants to tingle.  Once these responses are present, now is the ideal time to give oneself some positive, useful hypnotic suggestions relevant to the problem in mind.

Autoanalysis stage – at this point one starts to break down the presenting problem, trace the root cause, and look for possible solutions to improve the situation.  Asking pertinent, investigative questions helps strip away the truth of the matter.

Autotherapy stage – the final stage is to prime the mind to think and act positively to resolve the issue, using suggestions during the session, as well as posthypnotic suggestions to be carried out in the normal, waking state.
This method should not be the client’s sole method of treatment in cases of severe emotional trauma or physical symptomology.  Obviously, someone who is deeply traumatized or highly emotional ought to seek professional help to help with the problems, rather than try to solve it alone.  One cannot be one’s own therapist for long!  In addition, in the cases of physical illness or disease, the ailment should be correctly diagnosed and treated using conventional medical wisdom first and foremost.

Try this trance induction for the Autorelaxation stage.  If doing this with another person, speak as your subject breathes out..  If you really want to practice self hypnosis, here’s the single best way I know of – dictate this script out loud and record yourself, using your best gravely trancey voice.  That way you can play it back anytime you want and I promise you, you’ll feel the benefits.  There’s nothing more hypnotic than your own voice using hypnotic language and tonality.


“Welcome to your self-hypnosis session. This is a self hypnosis session for relaxation, managing stress, and for accessing the resources within yourself
This tape should not be played in a moving vehicle, or in an activity that requires your full attention.
Sit or lie back in a relaxed position, with your legs and ankles uncrossed, and your hands and arms resting on your lap or by your sides. Since you are in charge of your own relaxation, you can adjust yourself now to find the most comfortable,
relaxed position for you.


Bring your full attention into the present moment, and into the space that your body occupies. As you continue to listen to the relaxing tones of my voice, I’d like you to look at a spot on the wall if you would, and keep your eyes fixed on that spot.
Any spot will do, and as you do that now, I am going to begin counting. You might
become aware that your gaze can become like tunnel vision as you continue to stare at that spot over there. I want you to open and close your eyes with each number I count. Each and every time that you open your eyes, keep them fixated on that spot as I count from 1 to 20. You will find that each time you close your eyes, they will want to remain closed. Each time you open them, it will be more and more difficult to do so, more difficult than the last time, much more difficult. And by the time I reach 20, or perhaps before, your eyelids will be soo heavy that they will remain tightly shut, and you will go deeply into trance. Beginning now.. one.. .your eyes are open,  now closing.., two.. .open. and closed.., three... open and closed.. .your eyes are becoming very tired now, heavier with each closing.. .four. - .open. . .and closed.. .so much heavier than before... five.. .open. . . and closed..., so hard to open your eyes... six... so drowsy and sleepy that your eyes just don’t want to open... seven.. .open and closed...just relax your closed eyes now as you instead take a deep breath and
become deeply relaxed…

You don’t have to close your eyes to relax, so if you’re in a place where you can do so now, your eyes can just as easily close.., if they haven’t done so already. Just as you are ready to bring your full attention inside of yourself, preparing to use the full resources of you’re unconscious mind and beginning to see more clearly with inner eyes, I wonder if you’ve noticed yet how much easier your breathing has become as you relax even more...
Because in a few moments you’re going to be more relaxed than you’ve ever known yourself to be. I’m going to draw your awareness to certain parts of your body, and as you do so, I want you to just feel that part begin to...relax and let go...just feel the muscles relax. In order to help you to relax. I’d like to ask you to imagine yourself
sunbathing on the deck...of your very own luxury yacht. You can feel the sunlight warming every muscle, every cell in your body The sky is the most beautiful clear blue, and there are a few puffy white clouds..drifting lazily... across the sky, and as you listen to the lapping sounds of the sea and the whisper of the warm breeze, you arc beginning to feel more and more relaxed. As you become aware of each part of your body now, you’ll feel that part just begin to...relax and let go. so that in a few moments you will be more relaxed than you’ve ever known...
Starting with the forehead, I’d like you to feel all the little frown lines, all the little worry lines in the forehead, just seem to.. .disappear. The forehead smoothes out, feeling so relaxed, and you feel warm feelings of relaxation coming down now around the eyes. Now you may not have noticed yet.. how very heavy the eyelids are feeling now., so heavy that they don’t want to open, and they may want to flutter a bit, but that’s OK. .just feel how warm and heavy they arc... and as those feelings come down around the face, all the muscles in the facial area just begin to. .relax and let go...
The warm, soothing feelings of relaxation come down around the mouth now, and all of the hundreds of little muscles around the mouth just start to relax.. so much so that the lower jaw can become heavy and the teeth can part. Your mouth may even open up a little bit with relaxation as continue deeper.. and deeper relaxed. Feel the tension easing now around the jaw and up behind the ears, so that all the little nerve endings behind the ears just seem to relax as you go deeper and deeper, even deeper as the sounds of the waves seem to lull you deeper and deeper
The relaxing feeling goes to the back of the neck now, down around the shoulders, so much tension seems to go to our shoulders, but now you feel the
shoulders just begin to relax..and let can even feel them drop a the soothing sensations go to the backbone now, and as they go down the spinal column, it seems to spread out to the sides, so that every muscle, every nerve, every cell in your back just seems to relax..all the way down, all the way… down to the small of theback, and around the curve of the back…
This warm sense of relaxation comes into the backs of the thighs now, and
, and into the hollows of the knees, through the calves, into the heel, along the soles of your feet, and each and every toe just relaxes even more as you go deeper, deeper, even deeper, listening to the sounds of the sea as the yacht gently rocks you back and
forth.. .calm..very peaceful.., relaxed, the whole head and back area seem very, very relaxed...
Now you’ll proceed with the rest of you, starting with the throat muscles, feel your throat muscles just start to relax. The relaxation comes down the front of the shoulders, down the upper arms, over the elbows, down through the forearms to the hands, as each and every fingertip relaxes more and more as you go deeper. . .and deeper. Feel the relaxation in the throat, in the shoulders, easing gently now into the chest, and all the muscles and organs within the chest area just begin to relax, continuing down, down into the abdomen, as all the muscles and organs within the abdomen seem to relax…relaxation spreading deeper now into the thighs, over the knees.. .more and more as you continue to go deeper, deeper, even deeper... calm.. .peaceful...and very, very relaxed...
I’m going to let you enjoy this rest for a moment, but when you hear me speak again you will continue to go down, peaceful and relaxed imagine yourself daydreaming on that luxurious yacht, gently swaying back and forth, back and forth, drifting deeper and even deeper…


So now I’d like you to allow your mind to daydream.. .to dream and float away from that scene. ,to another.. .and allow your inner mind to show you standing at the top of a fine staircase.. .carpeted in a thick, deep carpet in your favourite colour,, with ten steps leading down. There is a firm banister to hold onto and you feel safe and secure.. .with nothing to concern you. in a moment you will see yourself walking down the staircase as 1 count from 10 to 1, and as I count off each step will go gently step down.. .deeper. . .doubling your relaxation with each step you take..
Begin now as I count... 10...doubling your relaxation going deeper... 9...deeper still...8...letting go of any remaining tension as you relax and go deeper...7... doubling the restfull sensations...6...aware now of the rhythm of your breathing and how slow its becoming.. .5.. each gentle breath relaxes you.. .and you can relax more with each breath you breathe...4...even deeper into a state of profound restfulness of mind..and body...3...doubling your relaxation going even deeper...2...the deeper you go, the better ii feels.. .and the better you feel, the deeper you go... 1.. .almost all the way down now...ZERO...stepping off the bottom step and you can find yourself in a safe and special place...


...a place that is comfortable and safe for you to be. .a place of safety and security where there is nothing to disturb you...just tranquility..and calm inner peace.. .you can imagine it to be any place you choose.. .perhaps you would enjoy the beach or the ocean with clean fresh air and warm sand.. .or perhaps the mountains with a crystal clear stream nearby. .or perhaps somewhere from your past that was safe, warm and totally secure.. .any place will do, so now imagine looking at this place through your own eyes.. .you are safe and there is no-one to disturb you. This is the most peaceful place in the world for you. Imagine yourself there and feel that sense of peace and well-being flowing through you now... enjoy these positive feelings and keep them with you long after this session is complete, for the rest of the day, tomorrow and all the days that follow. Allow these positive feelings to grow stronger and stronger, feeling at peace with a sense of well being, and each and every time that you choose to do this kind of relaxation, you will be able to relax deeper and deeper. Regardless of the stress and tension that may surround your life, you may now remain more at peace, more calm, more relaxed, and allow the tension and stresses to bounce off and away from you, just and away from you. And these positive feelings will grow stronger and stronger throughout the day as you continue to relax deeper and deeper...


And as you continue to relax here.. .you can become aware of how little you need to be aware of.. .the sounds in the room sounds outside.. .each sound only helps to relax you even more deeply.. .each word that you hear is just a signal for you to become less and less aware of the importance of all that is unimportant here,..the exact meaning of words that are said or not said as I talk to you here... nothing bothers or concerns you as your conscious mind drifts off to a place which is comfortable and safe.. .and your unconscious.. .mind. . .takes on the responsibility for guiding and
directing your awareness...down...into your innermost self...aware now of that gentle connection.. communication with that part of you that is the essence of you.. .that knows all.., remembers each and every event that has served to shape and mould your unique and special personality a part of you that you really do hear as a quiet and calm voice from within.. .a voice of wisdom and of truth that is so often lost within the clamour and clatter of the world... the demands.. .the constraints.., the noise that is those who would have you bend to their will now hear that voice, still, quiet and calm... but now clear as crystal.. .piercing through the fog of indecision and lack of confidence... unmoved and unaltered in its determination to give to you at all times... good advice.., wise answers and solutions to all problems.. .to the benefit of yourself and those who are special to you.
This is that creative and special part of you.. .that wise inner advisor that is always there for you with your benefit and your well-being always the prime consideration.. .a constant, etheric part.. .that is you and was you before there was awareness of this existence in this invaluable friend that must be listened to .and you will listen, will you not ?
And can you recognise now that value, that unique capacity and capability that is yours... has always been yours... and I really don’t want you to know too much how good you can feel with that intense awareness of confidence in your ability to make changes and decisions in your life for longer allowing others to manipulate take advantage of you. you expect of yourself everything that is yours.. .that you deserve.. .that you are entitled to as a unique and special person.. aware of who you are aware of your own talents and special abilities.. .always that person who is at the forefront.. .always there with a valuable input to every listen and take note of what is important, and then you make a decision.. .you make your own decision, and you are comfortable in that.
I wonder if you can notice soon how others will come to rely on you to he the person that you are.. .confident and self-assured.. .an example to those who will admire you, as you allow those qualities so long hidden... to shine through from within.., to astound and confound those who would manipulate and control.. .you are your own person.. .proud and confident.. .taking responsibility for your own life and wellbeing.. .a true friend to your own inner advisor.. .that is you personified...


So enjoy your special place for a few more moments until you hear me speak again.. .and when next I speak I will count... up from 1 to 5 and you can begin coming back to full consciousness, and you will come back feeling refreshed and alert as if you’ve had a long rest.. .come back feeling alert and relaxed...
When you hear the count of 5 you will come back to full awareness, feeling better than you’ve felt in a long time. I.. .getting ready to come back to full awareness now, feeling good...2...your mind is clear and your body is refreshed...3..looking forward to each and every day... 4.. .ready to open your eyes and to follow through everything you’ve learned here.. .and 5.. open your eyes, feeling wide awake now.. .alert and refreshed. Have a big stretch.. .smile. . . good!

Well done, and thank you.”

This is an excellent trance induction and creates a deep trance rather quickly.  Try it, it’s fun.  Alternatively, you can listen to me taking you through this exact hypnosis session on CD – just email me at for a copy of “Relaxation Self Hypnosis”.


Once they’re deep in trance, give them instructions to stay there.  In addition, there are a few other useful strategies to take them further down, some of which I used in the induction above…

  • Peaceful scene – a guided visualisation takes the client through a tranquil scene in their imagination, perhaps a beach, or a secluded garden, or a clearing in the woods, with full sensory rich descriptions allowing them to drift off into their internal world.  The same can be done by visualizing a candle flame and melting wax.
  • The elevator – as the lift descends, the client can be counted down many levels, “and the further down the elevator goes, the more deeply relaxed you become, and deeper into trance you can go…”  Staircases, escalators, anything that goes up and down will work.
  • Simple counting – “and as I count backwards from 10 to one, with each count you will be 10% more relaxed, and 10% less awake…”
  • Arm catalepsy – suggestions to have the arm lift all by itself, so that when it goes back down all by itself, the lower your hand descends, the deeper you go…”
  • Repeating the induction of trance, often called fractionation, deepens the trance. Typically, the more times a client is hypnotized, the deeper the client will go. If trance is induced several times in succession in a short period of time without allowing the client to fully wake up each time, the client will go deeper.  This is my favourite method.
  • Using embedded metaphors will deepen the client's trance. In fact, the more levels of embedded metaphor used, the deeper the trance which follows. Three stories told in succession, but none of them actually completed, seems to induce altered states quite nicely.  See the chapter called “Stand & Deliver”.

The subject is always in control, although if they have seen stage show hypnosis they may have fears about amnesia or acting in strange ways.  They must learn to accept that their results using hypnosis are completely their results, and it is their ability to trust themselves and relax that determines the success of the session.  The unconscious mind will never accept a suggestion that violates its values and ethics.  Sometimes it is useful to suggest to oneself to do something uncharacteristic at the start of a hypnosis session, just to prove this point.  “Now open your eyes and do a cartwheel across the room”. 

     Deepening techniques may be required with a tense or highly conscious client, to help them to relax.  Of course, a  pre-induction discussion should always take care of these issues up front though.

  In the last part of this Hypnosis E-Course we’ll be discussing communicating DIRECTLY with the unconscious mind, AND GETTING ANSWERS.  We’ll also give you the ultimate Hypnosis script, and we’ll close with my opinion on the ethical use of these skills.

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