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Learn hypnosis techniques in Glasgow - if appropriate?

“On The Count Of Six You Will Open Your Eyes…”

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Jonathan Clark
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  Now before we go any further, you should ask yourself “Is Hypnosis the right tool for the job here?”  Carefully read the following guidelines:

CONTRAINDICATIONS- when not to use Hypnosis

If the presenting problem or the personal history that you gather from the client indicates to you that the client is dangerous to self or others, then the client is beyond the scope of treatment by an unlicensed Hypnotherapist. Someone of this kind is best referred to a practitioner who is trained to handle clinical issues.

Under certain circumstances, highly traumatic or highly repressed material could indicate that Hypnosis alone would not be appropriate to use. If you are not trained in interventions that deal in this area, it would be best to refer the client to a practitioner who is trained to handle these issues. (Time Line Therapy® or similar emotional clearing techniques may be used first to clear the negative response, making subsequent hypnosis much more comfortable.)

A client who seeks treatment by Hypnosis for a physiological and/or a life-threatening disease should be advised that such treatment is "controversial" and should be encouraged to get a diagnosis or referral from a Medical Doctor before proceeding. NOTE: It is not illegal to use hypnosis for, say, helping to alleviate an ulcer or its symptoms. It is, however, illegal to claim to use Hypnosis to cure any physical condition.

If a client is dealing with certain disorders which are Psychiatric in nature, such as Multiple Personality, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Hysteria, and others, as well as Epileptic Seizures, it would be appropriate to seek a referral from an MD or Psychiatrist before proceeding.

Members of the opposite sex should only be in trance when there is a reliable witness present.  This protects everyone concerned.  At least have a receptionist nearby, someone else in the building, but preferably someone else present.  I was once asked to help a young female client, with her inability to orgasm whilst making love with her husband.  I insisted on having her friend and colleague present in the room while I worked with her, as I’m sure you can understand.

Now assuming that Hypnosis is appropriate, it’s important that you have a chat with your client.


Before you ever do hypnosis with another person, it’s usually a good idea to have this conversation first.

Much is done before the induction begins. In fact, it is safe to say that this may be the most important time to create success by speaking to the client's fears, and misconceptions and discussing what to expect.
1.   Don't expect to feel Hypnotised.
Many people come to the Hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance which is markedly different from their "normal" state of consciousness. This is definitely not true. A Light Trance will likely feel no different from relaxation, or sunbathing and you’re off, your mind wandering. Since trance is a normal natural state, then clients will likely feel a feeling of familiarity, no matter how deep in trance they go. You can say, "Don't expect to feel hypnotised. Trance is not about feeling "zonked out;' it is a normal natural state.
2.   Do expect to feel relaxed.
Hypnosis is a natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation.  You may feel your arms and legs heavy, and that’s just because the blood flow is increasing to your limbs, so they feel heavier.
3.   You ARE in control.
"You’ve seen stage hypnosis shows haven’t you?  It looks like the subjects’ mind is being controlled, doesn’t it?  But they volunteered didn’t they?  When they volunteered weren’t they hoping that they were going to have fun?  The truth is during the trance induction, you need to know that you are in charge. For example, if I told you to stand up, and it was OK, you would, right? But if I told you to rob a bank you wouldn't do that. Well it's the same in Hypnosis. You are in charge. You only accept the suggestions that are given that are consistent with your own internal values and beliefs.”
4.  Trance is about learning how to go into trance.
"So the process we are about to learn is just that, a learning process. Each step of the way there are several tests, and we will see how many tests you succeed at. The more successful you are the deeper you can go

[Used with permission © Tad James & Advanced Neuro Dynamics]

“Let me tell you about Hypnosis.  Let me demonstrate what it feels like.  Close your eyes”  Count from one to five and say “That’s it!”

Now close your eyes again
Place your hands in your lap
Put your feet together
Do get up, and do a cartwheel for me

At this point the client will open their eyes and ask “Are you daft?”.  You see, your Conscious Mind always steps in.  I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do
Only you can make yourself do something you want to do.

People on stage show hypnosis are often asked “Were you hypnotised?” and they usually say “No – I heard every word he said”.  That’s because they think they’re supposed to be asleep, and they’re not.  When asked “So why did you behave like that?” they always say “I don’t know”

Dave Elman was an eminent Hypnotherapist in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and he taught that much of the work of hypnosis is done before the induction begins.

Elman's Requisites for Hypnosis

1. The Consent of the Subjectthe subject must agree to be hypnotised.
2. Communication Between the Hypnotherapist and the Client there must be communication between the Hypnotherapist and the Client.
3. Freedom from Fear the Client must be free from any fear about the hypnotic process or about what is going to take place.
4. Freedom from Reluctance on the Client's part to trust the Hypnotherapist the Client must trust the Hypnotherapist and his/her intentions.


How do you know when someone is in a trance?  As a Hypnotherapist, you have to be able to notice small changes in your client.

Erickson was famous for his sensory acuity.  In the mid-seventies, the creators of NLP observed that people make minute changes from moment to moment, and that those changes have meaning if you have enough Sensory Acuity.

1.         Skin Colour  Light to dark

2.         Skin Tonus (The Tone of the Muscles)  Shiny to not shiny

3.         Breathing  Has 2 components

Fast - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Slow

High - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Low

4.         Lower Lip Size  Lines or no Lines

5.         Eyes

Focused - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Defocused

Pupil Dilation
Dilated - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - ----------Undilated


Skin tends to flush as blood flow increases.  Skin tonus tends to go from shiny to matt because the facial muscles are relaxed.  Breathing tends to slow down and go lower down from the chest to the stomach, though sometimes it actually speeds up.  The lips tend to fatten out, and thus the lines disappear.  Pupils tend to become fixed and glassy, staring.

"True hypnotic signs cannot be aped, imitated or pretended. For example, you cannot pretend body warmth, it has to be there. You cannot imitate fluttering eyelids. Try it for yourself and notice how after a second or two the eyelids no longer flutter. In hypnosis, the fluttering eyelids occur almost constantly as the induction proceeds. There are very few people who can, at will, cause their eyes to tear, nor can you at will cause the whites of your eyes to redden..." – Dave Elman

There are different stages of trance, and the further down the list you, the further down you go.  Literally.

(from LeCron, 1964)

  1. Lethargy                                                           feeling tired and heavy
  2. Relaxation                                                        comfortably floppy
  3. Eye Catalepsy                                                  staring or closed          
  4. Arm Catalepsy                                     rigid, stiff limb
  5. Catalepsy Of Isolated Muscle Groups   could be standing, lying down
  6. Heavy Or Floating Feelings                               exactly that
  7. Rapport                                                            feel connected
  8. Smell And Taste Changes                                 hallucinate new ones    
  9. Number Block                                                  Erase a number
  10. Amnesia                                                           Forget things
  11. Analgesia                                                          No Pain
  12. Automatic Movement                                       Repetitive gestures
  13. Hallucinations (Positive) Visual & Auditory  See or hear things
  14. Bizarre Post-Hypnotic Suggestions                    Used in Stage shows
  15. Negative Hallucinations                                     Make something vanish
  16. Comatose                                                         Gone!
  17. Somnambulism                                     Sleep walking


The “That’s Right” exercise, best done in groups of 3 people, person A, B and C.
B – just sit there
A – look at B, and hold 3 beliefs in your mind about B


Whenever A observes any of the signs of trance in B, they say “That’s right”.  Helps to look meaningfully at them as you say it
C is to be in Peripheral vision, observing
When C sees a hypnotic relationship between A & B, C is to nod slowly and hypnotically
C continues to do that as long as you see that the relationship between A & B is hypnotic
Try this, it’s very hypnotic, and it sets up the phrase anchor of “That’s right, very good” which will now help induce trance in any of the three participants!

Now before any good stage show, there are a number of suggestibility tests done to select the best subjects to go on stage and make the hypnotist look good.  You can try these yourself:


"Please hold both hands outstretched and close your eyes. Now turn your right (or your left) hand over and imagine as clearly as you can, a nice red ribbon  tied to your wrist which is palm down, and that red ribbon goes up to 400 helium balloons.  And you know what helium balloons do don’t you.  That’s right, they go up.  (Stress these words like a command)  Lifting, lifting, lifting…. and the heaviest book in your house, what would that look like?  Imagine that on your other hand. And because your arm is straight out there’s no leverage, and all that weight is on your shoulder, and it’s getting heavier, and heavier all the time….Now open your eyes."

This is my favourite – most people have one hand down at waist level and the other above eye level.  Very cool.

"Please take your hands and clasp them together, and close your eyes. Now notice your fingers are becoming more and more tightly clasped together. Tighter and tighter, (etc.) It’s almost as if they’ve been super glued together.  Now try to open them. Try to pull your hands apart. Try and find you cannot. The harder you try the harder they clasp themselves together."

"Please close your eyes and imagine that you are standing on the deck of your very own luxury yacht.  It’s a warm summer day and the ocean is like a flat mirror, smooth and calm, and there’s only the slightest hint of a rocking of the boat as the waves gently lap at the sides of the hull.  Now the wind picks up and the sea gets choppier, so your boat starts to rock more from side to side, and your sea legs will try to compensate as the boat rocks more from side to side”

Be prepared to catch them stumbling over…

The more of these tests they pass, the more suggestible and compliant they are.  These also pre-train the subject to follow your suggestions, and also prove that the mind runs the body.  Excellent if you’re going to be working on physical health issues…

That’s enough to keep you going for a while.  Look out for the next part of this E-Course which reveals how to use Hypnotic Language Patterns in daily speech, emails, websites (hey, you are reading this course on a website, are you not?)….

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