Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Secret That Wasn't In The Secret

Have you ever studied Spiral Dynamics?  Beck and Cohen's take on the work of Claire Graves - a model of evolution that I wrote about in my book Ignite and Unshackle [available HERE]

 The model of striving to get what you want, "If its to be its up to me!" and all of that stuff, is level 5 on the scale.  The True Silence approach that I'm talking about is actually at level 12 - 13.  So instead of spending time, money and energy on smart strategies, magic bullets, and mental tools.  There comes a time when you renounce them and go to the next level, which is actually easier...

What I'm suggesting is a NEW PARADIGM – and it's really simple [and therefore profound].   Here's the idea - nothing that man can do is of his own creation.  He’s tapping into [discovering] what’s already there.  For example the concept of Flight - it existed before we looked into it [ask the birds and the bees], but then man looked at wings, uplift and thrust, and now we have aeroplanes and helicopters.  

So I’m going to share with you some reliable principles that you can tap into.

By the way profound things are always really simple.  Want a profound life?  Simplify!

As it says in a certain good book “The harvest is rich but the labourers are few”. There's plenty to go around, but the folk who know how to tap into it are small in number.  Well, I want you increase that number by one - you!

Remember that when I was going through hell in 2010, my Coach said to me:

Everything is going to be OK
You’re safe
Things can only get better 

So now I'm saying the same to you right now - no matter how tough things are in your world, same message applies.

So let me share with you the 4 bodies in the left hand column...

Here's the secrets of manifestation and banishing stuff:

Manifestation = Spritual > Mental > Emotional > Physical
First you get the seed planted, the inspiration, the idea [S], then you dwell on it and plan it [M], then you get excited and put passion behind it [E] and eventually it becomes a tangible thing in your physical world 

The reverse is also true - to dissolve something  = Physical > Emotional > Mental > Spiritual.
First you change what you're doing, then release any negative emotions around it, dwell on what you want instead, and the old problem disappears back into the void.

Think about it - that's how computers got invented, how the internet came into being - its even how YOU and I came into being.

In the next post I'll talk more about HOW you can use this method so you can get everything you want, and change anything you don't...

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