Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NLP Practitioner Training Courses In Glasgow - What Others Have Said

If you're considering doing an NLP Practitioner Course then you must be looking to develop yourself.  Now most of my students are private individuals who want to work on themselves, not necessarily looking for Certification to become an NLP or HGE Practitioner as such.

Having worked as a therapist and Coach for over 20 years, I do resonate with other helping professionals, especially those that want to earn a living by helping people and grow a successful practice.

One of the reasons people come to me is because I am happy to teach them how to get clients and actually see a return on the investment they've just made.  So many people pay thousands of pounds every year to attend training courses, then never actually make any money from their new skills, and that's a pity.

Train with me and your life will actually get easier --  not just because you've dumped a lot of past luggage, and are running your head instead of it running you - but also because you can add 3 or 4 figures a month to your income.  Now I call that life changing money - enough to pay the mortgage, or pay a loan off, or get a new car.

You'll also hold certification in both NLP and HGE - the former internationally recognised qualification, and the latter unique to my Company and extremely few in number.  And that's because I don't believe in "Hiring in masses and training in classes".  I like smaller groups with lots of individual attention.

So you probably feel like you should be demonstrating more in life than you are, and you feel you deserve better than you're getting.  But despite all the books, cd's and seminars, you still have no idea how to make significant improvements.  if you did then you'd be doing it.

Whether its more energy, more money, better health or more free time, you goal is probably similar to most people that I attract - to make the most of the years you have left.  But you're terrified that all the naysayers might be right and all that "pop psychology" was a waste of time. [In truth a lot of it IS]

So let's end the frustration and let me teach you the tools you can use to make tangible, real fruitage in your life.

I don't want you to go through any more disappointments or longing. Come and learn what really works in the real world, so you can look forward to a life full of contribution, progress and fun. That's where I'm headed, and if you want to jump on board, now's the time.

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