Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Myths

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What’s the best way to help people, share your message and grow your business?

My most effective way, while it sounds basic, is through SPEAKING.

Through public speaking [on stage and on video], you reach hundreds, if not thousands.

And you can earn a SERIOUS income doing it.  But only if you don’t buy into the myths around the speaking world…

Here’s a complimentary video training on the stupid myths in the industry, and how instead to become a highly-paid public speaker:

DISCLAIMER: This will be a controversial training because I really expose the problems with the speaking industry, but I know you’ll enjoy it.

I started from scratch [terrified] and within my first month made life-changing money and shared the stage with several Scottish celebrities, to name a few.  This was only possible because I deliberately pushed myself to grow, and forced myself to step into the lion’s den.  If you've ever wanted to command a room, then this is a must see.


P.S. Last week on social media I asked what questions people had about public speaking, and I answer most of them in this video.  Be sure to post any questions in the comments section below the video and I’ll personally respond.

Jonathan Clark
Founder & Developer of HGE™
Author, Ignite & Unshackle the Latent Power of You

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