Monday, February 15, 2016

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life - Jonathan Clark NLP Scotland Based Courses

HELLO there.  You maybe know me, maybe you don’t yet.  My name’s Jonathan Clark and I’ve taught the majority of the active & successful NLP Practitioners in Scotland. 

This is a private – by invitation only – offer to people who are serious about their personal growth.  If you are ready to grow and evolve yourself meaningfully, we invite you to come and spend 8 days with us…

  I want to introduce you to a whole new mindset, a technology, a toolkit full of tools for every occasion, drawn from years of real world application and experience using state of the art psychology such as Neuro Linguistic programming and Hypnosis, as well as the secrets and advanced methodologies employed by Life Coaches and spiritual advisers alike. 

  Now I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist – but I have spent 25 years in personal development helping people improve their lives – I’ve learned and taught advanced techniques like NLP, Huna and Hypnosis. 

  For me it was always about making changes.  If you’re not happy with the results you’re creating, then change what you’re doing.  Whining and complaining won’t make it any better, and nobody’s going to come and rescue you.  The sooner you realise it’s you, the better.  It’s what you do that counts.  So initially I did private therapy – now up to 5000 hours of one to one time with real people with real problems, , and then started doing workshops to try and share this mindset with as many people as possible.  So far I’ve run 30 courses like this coming one that are 8 days long, and several that are longer!

However, in a completely unregulated industry, people can simply read a book and call themselves a Life Coach or Guru.  Oh dear.

NLP had to evolve. Hypnosis alone wasn’t enough.  Life Coaching is more than just hiring a personal trainer.  Huna was too ancient and esoteric and turned some people off.  There needed to be a comprehensive model which was simple and straightforward to use in your daily life.  After all, it’s what you do consistently, and persistently that shapes your life.  You can’t have a bath once and be clean forever.  To that effect, I want to share what I’ve found with you

     One of the first things we cover on my courses are what are called “The Presuppositions”.  Those are the things you have to presuppose – they’re suggested beliefs that are useful.  If you run them in your head you tend to find that life gets a lot easier, or you get better results, just by thinking this way.  They’re simply a suggested mindset or outlook, so if you run them in your head it will change the way you look at things.  Software for the mind.  Does that make sense?

     So, for instance one of them is “There’s no such thing as failure, there’s only feedback”.  You know that everything that you do generates an outcome.  We don’t use the word “goal” very much - we use the word “outcome”.  Reason is you don’t always get your goal, but you always get an outcome.  May not be the outcome you want, but you still create an outcome.  Now, if you take that outcome as feedback then it’ll either be taking you towards what you want, or away from what you don’t want.  So imagine a plane wants to fly from Glasgow Prestwick to Stansted, yeah?  It knows its outcome and it takes off and it flies off in that direction.  Now if it checks its computer to find out where it is, and discovers it’s halfway over Iceland, then it’s generated an outcome!  Right?  Not the outcome it wanted but it is still an outcome.  
     Now, if you take that as feedback, it tells you what to do next.  It tells you where you need to go – you need to turn the plane around and go in the other direction!   Take that as feedback – it’s not failure.  You’ve actually learned something and generated an outcome.  Now, if you operate from that basis it makes life a hell of a lot easier, you don’t have to beat yourself up about “Oh I’m so bad at what I do”, you know, it’s “You generated an outcome” and take it that way.  That kind-of implies forgiveness.  It implies forgiveness for yourself, as well as for everyone else.  You know, other people don’t necessarily fail at things, they also generate outcomes and they can also take that as feedback.

     Think about it, imagine if just that one principle became something you filtered your life through – you looked through those kinds of glasses from time to time.  That would probably make quite a difference in the way you think, the way you behave.  Now, there are over a dozen presuppositions, and this course really is not just a bunch of techniques, it’s an entire mindset, an attitude, a way of looking at things.  You know the difference between a Practitioner and someone who just “does positive thinking” is, a Practitioner treats these presuppositions as a Code of Conduct, at least that’s what I think.

     Just imagine how life would be if you started to adopt just one of these dozen or more useful beliefs – we cover all of them, in detail, one at a time, and we help you to integrate and breathe life into them in your own mind.

  This is your chance to come play with these methods – I say “play” because they are so simple, and so much fun to use, you might think you’re not making serious changes, and you’d be mistaken.  You see, that’s what makes it work.  If you’re enjoying using the techniques, then by definition you’re engaging the unconscious mind, and that’s the secret to making any change right there…

You can do in 8 days what most others take weeks to do, and you’re saving at least £500 compared to other providers.  We’ll coach you after the course, and invite you to come back and repeat at our cost.  And if you’re not entirely blown away by all of this, we’ll give you your money back.

If this has piqued your curiousity – give me a call or email me and we can have a chat first.

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