Sunday, October 29, 2017

Do The Law Of Attraction, The Secret & Self Help Actually Work?

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 How you doing?

 It's a blowy Saturday morning and I'm sitting outside the school where Luke's at his usual violin lesson. Every week he goes to class, gets instruction from an experience teacher who's good at what she does, and he learns and improves his skills and he's really coming on. Which is kind of what I want to talk to you about.

 See I've been into personal development and self help for 25 years - I started with a wee correspondence course on confident psychology, then started reading positive mental attitude books before going onto audio tapes by Zig Ziglar, then NLP, Tony Robbins - all the usual gurus. I've studied and been certified with 3 different NLP training companies at practitioner, master practitioner and even nlp trainer. I went to Hawaii 5 times to study Huna and western high magic. I've used goal setting, law of attraction, time management, visualisation, you name it. And I've earned a good living as a master hypnotherapist and NLP trainer, running courses and working with over 2000 private clients.

 But here's the thing - I've met loads of people who have read all the books, listened to all the CDs, they say they applied all the principles, and it hasn't made a blind bit of difference. They're still ill, or broke, or divorced, or scared, or phobics, and they say personal development is nonsense.

 See if there are the 4 levels of life - the spiritual the mental the emotional and the physical, my theory is that everyone wants change in the physical world - money, lovers, houses, cars, things. Mental is nice, spiritual can be profound, emotional makes you feel better but my belief is that people want tangible 3d proof.

 So I'd like to hear from you in particular - if you're a fan of personal development, if you're a seminar junkie like me, has it made a difference? Did it work? Did the law of attraction being you what you wanted? Did the money and wealth courses make you money? Were there real, tangible improvements in the world of physical? Or did it just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

 Leave your comments below and I'll reposed to the personally.

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