Monday, October 02, 2017

What's Your Earliest Memory?

Few adults can remember anything that happened to them before the age of 3. Now, a new study has documented that it's about age 7 when our earliest memories begin to fade, a phenomenon known as “childhood amnesia.”

I don't spend that much time dwelling on the past.  One of the reasons why is because I don't seem to retain a lot of it.  Sure I know its in there, but there are large chunks that I just don't recall.  And I'm really not bothered!

We know from the study of memory that emotion is the glue to making something easy to remember.  If you tied your shoelaces on Sept 11th 2005 then you probably have zero recollection of it.  But if it was 2001 and you were kneeling beside the twin towers in New York City at the time then its forever etched in your filing cabinet.

We remember the events that have the most emotion attached.  The rest drops out of short term memory and disappears.

So what's your earliest memory?  Mine is the "crash helmet" scene that I wrote about in a previous blog post HERE.

The next one I remember is waking up in Strathclyde hospital aged four scared and alone and ill.  I had viral pneumonia because my baby sitter apparently left me outdoors in a pram in the rain.  Who knows - I'm going by one of those family tales that gets cast up every Christmas.  That probably explains why I value health and why I have a strong dislike for hospitals.

I remember looking up over the railings around my bed, the blue gown I was wearing and lots of other kids crying.  There's a fuzzy picture in my mind's eye and I can hear the children.  Then the feelings of fear and loneliness vaguely come up.

So it's weird to think that I was on this planet for about four years and yet I don't remember any of it!  Sure I could go exploring through Hypnotic Age Regression, Primal Scream, Time Line Therapy and any number of any therapies, but I don't need to.  It's not an issue.

Over the years as an NLP Trainer and Mater Hypnotherapist I've helped clients uncover traumas, significant emotional events and all manner of horrors that were buried at the bottom of the ocean in a lead lined casket 100 feet under the seabed on a "You don't need to know" basis by their unconscious.  It amazes me to this day that folks are walking around with deep rooted subroutines and programs running their choices, behaviours and habits that THEY DIDN'T CHOOSE.  Yet they think they're being so smart and in control, and yet the REAL reason they're an Accountant or a coward or a wife beater [or sometimes all three] is because someone stole their Tonka truck when they were three.

So what about you?  What's your earliest memory?  And how does it affect your life now years later?

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