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NLP Scotland - Perception is projection

Kristin Zambucka said in her book “The Seed” : “Though I may travel far I will meet only what I carry with me, for every man is a mirror. We see only ourselves reflected in those around us. Their attitudes and actions are reflections of our own. The whole world and its conditions has its counterpart within us all. Turn the gaze inward. Correct yourself and your world will change.”

Go back and look at the HGE communication model

Here’s the argument. The world is my creation – even if it’s not true, you’d better believe it. Everything in the Universe is you! Your Universe is yours! There’s nothing outside of you that isn’t you. You filter everything as it comes in, but what if it works the same way on the way out? What if your body is like an overhead projector, and the light streaming out is your energy. Your model of the world is the acetate, and what shows up on the screen (your reality) is exactly what’s written on the acetate.

You’re projecting holographically in 360 degrees, all of the time! You filter 2 million bits of information per second down to 134 per second, and leave bits in that fit your map of the world. Remember that the 5 senses are just electrical interpretations in your brain. You don’t experience raw data, you experience your interpretation of the data.

So ask yourself, the people in your world – are they happy? Angry? Have money? In good relationships? Are they like you? Could it be that they are just grey silhouettes, until you look at them, when you project a hologram over them of how you expect them to look and behave. Your world is a projection of you. Quantum Physics says that reality is relative to the observer. Every person creates a unique world which can never be 100% identical to that of another. Observation changes reality – just by being present, you alter the course of event.

Evil can only exist if it exists in your mind, and only what you allow. If you feel like a victim you are probably victimising someone. If you feel like you are being manipulated, you are probably manipulating. People who act as caretakers for others may be avoiding taking care of themselves. What you see is who you are. The people in your life are a barometer of your experience of life. The significant people in your world are a reflection of your internal state

How we Construct Reality
 We create what we observe.
 We observe with our minds.
 Observations are measurements.
 Measurements transform nothing into something.
 We make measurements through our language.

A Kahuna wouldn’t do a healing if there was someone present who didn’t believe, or was there to prove it didn’t work (and if there was, that was the Kahuna’s projection). So they’d go home and work on themselves, asking “For what purpose did I create a doubter or sceptic? Where am I doubting myself?”. As inside, so outside. verything you love about your partner is you. And everything you hate about them is you also. There is a theory that e marry our Unconscious Mind and blame all our unresolved stuff on them. You can’t see something you’re not. The more energy you give it, the more you’ll find it. “Energy goes where attention flows”.

What's more, for you to perceive something in someone, it has to exist in you. Perception is projection. So it's not them, it's you. What you observe is an aspect of you. Heal it in you and it vanishes outside. You did not consciously choose to create this problem, but you may have unconsciously. And your unconscious mind has only positive intentions for you in everything that it does.

Go easy on yourself! It’s focussing you on what you want, it’s perfect!

Apply to self – where else am I doing this?
I’ve created a projection of….
Now - What do I need to learn from this, such that if I clear it, this will never happen again?
How can I prevent this from happening again?
What’s the need in you that’s unmet at the moment?
Clear any negative emotion with Higher Self Therapy, Time Line therapy, or Hakalau
Clear Limiting Decisions with Higher Self Therapy or Time Line Therapy
Do Ho’o Pono Pono
Basic Healing with the Elements

Test & Future Pace – Is it bothering me?
Dwell on the new outcome
The highest form of revenge is indifference
Let it go so you no longer “get plugged in”

What if you really could create what you want – what would you ask for? Your thoughts are law in your universe. Taneo Sands Kumelae said “The people you hate, you bind to you as much as if you loved them”. If you notice it, you’re projecting it right now. If its unresolved, it’ll keep coming back until you get the learnings.
“If you don’t pay with attention, you pay with pain”

A Little Black Bag opens up – ask yourself “What is the learning I need to get right now to let this go?”. Oh and by the way, there’s usually another set at a higher evolutionary level, so there’s always more to clear. The lesson of life is Physical Emotional Mental Spiritual. You deal with a problem on one level, but later in life it comes back, at another level. So a physical problem you had years ago may return, but this time it’s from a spiritual challenge. Something you clear may come back again on a different level. We need to keep evolving and growing in that direction.

You achieve a new state of consciousness, then stuff comes up to be handled. The next time a major issue returns, look at the opportunity – go where the resistance is
You can’t clear it out if you don’t know its there. Awareness is Progression.

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