Tuesday, June 02, 2015

IMPORTANT: For this weekend

Here are 10 reasons I think this message is vital for you:

1.      I KNOW you can help other people with your experience and life lessons.  Stop listening to other people’s cd’s and impact more people in a big way with YOUR stuff!
2.      The best way to STAND OUT is with a book and online video.  That’s how I earned my reputation.
3.      The highest paid professionals are coaches and consultants – you can join them
4.      The only reason you haven’t done it yet is cos you think it’s too hard and takes ages.  False.
5.      I’m running my Guru Factory programme starting this weekend and I want you there, so I can help you create multiple streams of income

Check out my honest review of the “Publish A Book And Get Rich Bootcamp” where the big Canadian publisher wanted £34,999 to make you into a published author!

6.      The Guru Factory is the easiest and fastest way to get you out there - baby step by baby step.
7.      I know that I can help you get recognised as the expert, starting this weekend, and get you on radio and TV
8.      Learn how to publish a book in 90 days and get it on Amazon.  I’ve done it 3 times myself.
9.      I’ve made over £1 million as an author, expert, speaker, coach, and online marketer and I WISH someone had handed it to me on a plate like I’m doing here
10.   There’s over £500 of bonuses for people who sign up THIS WEEK… but will you?

There are 10 steps to getting paid for your know-how, and I outline them here:

In the 3rd video I give you my Licence Unlocker letter, where you write a short booklet and get it downloaded by hundreds of company employees
See how to pull in 5 figure months with websites and all the techie stuff done for you
I'll show you how to get Coaching Clients to pay you to work with them without becoming enslaved and chained to your phone. 
Imagine the security of getting paid month after month after month for helping people.  All these results you’re going to learn in this video

But if you want to crush your competition, have the achievement of being a published author, and make secure residual income forever more doing something you ENJOY, then look at what I’m covering in this 90 day programme:

I hope that helps you.  Weird format I know, but I do believe it’s CRITICAL.  Your message is important – don’t let it die inside you.  Help others by sharing your experience.  Become the Guru and make a difference!  Only 20 places available.  Let me know what questions you have…



P.S. We close the doors on Friday the 5th.  It’s also worth watching all 4 videos just to learn the steps and get more business.  Stuff I’ve never taught before…

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