Friday, July 31, 2015

Ho'o Pono Pono, Zero Limits and Huna that works

Just finished re-reading a great book called "Zero Limits" by internet marketer Joe Vitale and Hawaiian Dr Hew Len.  Very thought provoking, and because I studied Huna in Hawaii over a period of 3 years, it called to me in a big way.  And I had a stunning health event which really anchored strong feelings to this book.

In the book, they start off by clearly stating that mind techniques are toys that your conscious mind plays with, to keep you thinking that you're in charge of your life.  In fact, you're not in charge, and miracles come when you let go of the toys, and instead trust in a silent place inside yourself.  You want to get beyond all those mental techniques.

Here's the irony - the book then teaches a ten word mantra.  Isn't that just another conscious, mind technique?  You're bound to have heard of it by now: "I'm sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you".  Say it over and over to "clear" old programs and miracles will happen.  Hmmm... But does it actually do what it says on the tin?  Let's face it, we all know people who think positive thoughts all day long and are still broke, unhappy and ill.  We can all get together in our communes and retreats and have deep meaningful discussions under the stars, but after the scent of the incense has faded, has anything actually improved?

Esoteric study, metaphysics and qualtum physics all agree - Creation and manifestation begin in the void - the quantum field - the source - whatever you want to call it, where there are no words, no thoughts, no intentions.  The void, or the I'o in Huna, is the great balancer or equaliser - indestructible, infinite and timeless.  Everyone has a model of the world that they view the world through.  You ideally want to dissolve yours...

It's funny, I have worked in the world of therapy and hypnosis for over 20 years.  Yet most therapists never notice that in every therapy appointment they attend, there's always one person present.  Them.

 Think about it.  Every time you have a problem, you are present.  Therapists think they are there to help the client heal.  Wrong.  Actually their job is to heal themselves of the program they see in their client.   That's the basis of the psychiatric healing that Hew Len is famous for, and the main reason Joe Vitale spotted the opportunity for a best selling book on Amazon.

Carl Jung once said "Who looks outside dreams.  Who looks inside wakes".

The Void is timeless, boundless and infinite.  Memories are stuck in time, connected to a location and full of uncertain emotions.   Start by accepting that all of your life experiences are 3D holograms of either your memories, or your inspirations.  The question to ask yourself is "What is going on in me that I have caused this problem?  And how can I rectify this problem in me?"

Think about it, when you delete a file from your computer's hard drive, where does it go?  Its actually still there - ask any laptop repair company.  Or your local crime lab.  As are your memories.  So you either come from old memories, or new inspiration.  Old programs or divine message?  So the aim is to get into the Void.  Or get to "zero".  No memories.  No intentions.  When you're in the void, everything is available.  When you're in the conscious mind, everything is inherently limited by space, time, measurement and dimension.  Therefore immediately finite.  Your mind is preventing you from feeling the peace that your mind is craving.  The voice in your head isn't you.  Divinity and inspiration are behind that voice.

As long as you're using affirmations, or intentions, you're resisting, fighting and wishing things away.  Instead, give in to inspiration coming in.  HUGE learning for me here - Don't go inside WITH something, go inside and LISTEN.  Free conscious will can still dismiss or accept the inspiration that comes in, and you can choose to act on it or not.  Its free will, or free won't.  Memory is thinking, inspiration is allowing.  But its not about results.  Its about peace.  Let go of the worry, be empty, and the solution is downloaded.  Otherwise if you get hooked on being stuck, you remain stuck.
Impulse > free will > act or not.

Morrnah Simeona was a Kahuna who died in 1992.  She added a more modern twist to the method which was originally called Ho'o Pono Pono.  And the newer Joe Vitale method has been heavily criticised from being too far removed from the traditional Hawaiian origins.  I've used it ten word mantra personally and tested the method and quite frankly found it to be  practically useless.  OK it might make you feel like you're doing something helpful, but in terms of actual change in the physical world - zero [pun intended].

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